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Enter the clue or question you want a solution for into the search box. Your results will appear in a drop-down menu below the search box. Click on the question or clue you're looking for and you'll be taken to a listing of all its possible crossword puzzle solutions. 

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1 Crossword puzzle help

Sometimes cross word puzzles can be very tricky. Don’t let an empty square in your puzzle get you down – get a solution instead! With our puzzle help you’ll easily find the answer you’re looking for.
2 Easy to search

The search input boxes enable you to enter already known letters of a solution as well as define the length of the solution.

Our database currently contains already more than 1 million solutions.
3 Find & submit solutions

The puzzle database's visitors and contributors are what make it thrive.

We are always happy to receive your suggested entries for new solutions. Submissions will be quickly reviewed and made accessible from our database.
The quickest and easiest to use online crossword puzzle help

Here you'll find free help for solving your crossword puzzles. In the online Crossword Puzzle Help shown above, you can get help for your puzzle clues and the right answers to all your crossword questions in our Lexicon. Your search results will list all of the solutions contained in our puzzle database. By using the number of letters function below the search box where you enter your clues, you can choose how many letters your solution should contain.

Once you’ve entered a few letters of your crossword puzzle clue, autocomplete will begin listing results. Clicking on the clue you’re searching for takes you to a results page where you will be shown solutions listed by number of letters. You can also simply enter the complete crossword clue into the search box and click on “search”. No registration is required to use the puzzle solver with its full functionality.

Are you missing a solution or a clue to solve a puzzle? We are always happy to receive new suggestions for entries in our puzzle Lexicon. Submissions will be quickly reviewed and then added to the database, ensuring that the Puzzle Help will continue to grow. We thank you and really appreciate your contributions!

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