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As soon as Scrabble is mentioned, everyone immediately imagines that game with letters lined up on a tile rack. Rightfully so, then this board game is only one of a few which has been able to enjoy decades of immense popularity. We’d like to pay homage to this classic game by sharing with you a bit about its history and the various ways Scrabble can be played.  

The game’s history

The beginnings of the popular board game go back to 1931, when the architect Alfred Mosher Butts invented the game "Lexico". Butt’s vision was to create a game where players required an equal amount of luck and ability to win. The basic letter-based idea of Scrabble was already recognizable in its predecessor, but Lexico didn’t have a board and its distribution of letters was different. At first, Butts tried to market the game himself, but he wasn’t very successful. However, he continued to develop the game, ultimately creating a board for it and giving it a new name: Criss-Crosswords. Despite these changes, he still didn’t have much success with his game.

That all changed in 1948. At that time, Butts signed over the rights to the game to a lawyer named James Brunot, on the terms that Butts would receive a commission for each game sold. Brunot patented the game and began producing it in large quantities. The game’s name had been changed to Scrabble and it quickly became a best seller in North America.   

What variations of Scrabble are there?

It’s not surprising that such a simple game has continued to develop over the years, with new variations appearing along the way. We’d like to now give you a brief introduction to the most popular Scrabble variations.

Duplicate Scrabble

In this variant, several players (at some Scrabble festivals even hundreds of players) complete with one another at the same time. Each player receives the same amount of letters and plays on the same board. If there are disputes as to a place on the board being already taken, the space goes to the person who has the highest scoring word.

Single Player Scrabble

Scrabble is one of those rare games which is extremely well-suited for playing by yourself. In this solo variation, you can play with either one or two tile racks. As always, the goal is trying to use your letters to get the most points possible. This variant is sometimes simply referred to as Scrabble practice, since it’s also a great way to improve your game.

Super Scrabble

This is a Scrabble variation that’s only been around since 2007 (in its Deluxe version) and it’s much more complex than "standard" Scrabble. The board is larger and the bonuses are bigger, and there’s nearly twice as many letters. These changes allow players to create words that were previously not possible. For this reason, it’s a great choice for seasoned Scrabble players who are looking for a new challenge.