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The search feature shown above provides various filter and search options. In the top search box, you can select which search you would like to use – the default is set to "Find words". By using the search box "Enter letters", you can find words which contain the letters you’ve specified.

The box "Starts with" lets you search for words beginning with a certain sequence of letters, for example: "tre" or "pl". 

Similarly, the box "Ends with" lets you find words that end with a certain sequence of words, for example: "ly or "ion".

The box "Contains" lets you search for all words which contain certain letters (regardless of where they occur in the word).

With the box "Does not contain" you can specifically exclude letters from your word search. Words containing the letters you specify (regardless of where they occur in the word) will not show up in your search results. 

The "Pattern" box allows you to search for words while leaving certain letters open as placeholders. The placeholders are entered with an underscore (_). Example: For the search "ST_TE", you are looking for a word with 5 letters, the first letter being an "S", the second a "T", the third letter is left open "_", the fourth letter is a "T", and the fifth an "E". So in this case, the search tool would find the word "state" for you.       

The options in the "All parts of speech" allow you to specifically search for nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and pronouns, or you can use the default "All parts of speech" to find all types of words.   

By using the "Any length" box, you can specify how many letters the words in your search result should contain. By default, this feature is set to "Any length".  

F.Y.I.: You can also combine various filters in your search. For example, you can search for a word that begins with "ele" and ends with a "t", and specify that you want to find only nouns.   

Tip #1: If you want to create words by rearranging letters, then use our Anagram Generator to create anagrams based exactly on the letters you enter.

Tip #2: If you’re looking to create words from your jumbled letters, then try out our Word Unscrambler.

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